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Dear Future Patron

"Your Professional Tax Services help me get more money than I could imagine”

 Single Mom and Head of Household 

Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Guest

“Reliable, trustworthy, helpful and always with a smile. ”

William R. Robinson

Pittsburhgh, PA

Dear Sister Shirley Muhammad

TESTIMONIAL---- I was recommended by a close friend to try Sis Shirley and her tax business,needless to say it was one of the best moves that I have every made.My earnings were about to be garnished by the big bad wolf(IRS) and this wonderful sister,so calm and collected instructed me what to do in a timely manner .I had at least three yrs of taxes that I had to file and she made it happen for me and the great thing is I will receive a refund .I recommend ALL to use Sister Shirley's tax services.     

 Student Minister Robert Muhammad

Mosque #35 Wilmington, DE

Dear Professionals and Business Owners:

"I have worked with Shirley Muhammad to organize and deliver a three-day training seminar and have found her to be very knowledgeable, committed to excellence and sensitive to the needs of clients and colleagues. Ms. Muhammad is a tireless professional that always seeks out the most current information that would provide her with the tools to assist her clients with exceptional tax related services."

Dr. Khalifah Ramadan (PBUH)

New York

Dear Tax Payer:

“What I notice about Shirley is her concern and passion for helping those who’ve experienced challenges in life. Shirley desires to provide tax Service for all people fairly.” 

James Routch ll