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We know that each client has specific needs and unique circumstances. Our aim is to meet you where you are and provide you with the individual attention you require.


Financial Literacy Education And Training 

Schedule your customize financial literacy program for youth and adults. Topics include: Budgeting, Using Credit, Banking, How to Read A Credit Report, Homeownership, How To Start A Business and IdentyTheft  

Black Women Businesses Matter Membership

 This is a Black Woman's Member Online Directory formed to unite and inform women who work in the like occupation. There are many advantages to joining. We offer many networking opportunities, contract opportunities such as conferences and forums. For more information please emal at

Speaker s' Bureau

Our Speakers’ Bureau is a trusted and reliable resource for keynote speakers, business speakers, motivational speakers, political speakers, celebrity speakers & entertainers as it relates to your tax planning.

We provide access to a full range of professional speakers for meetings, national associations, conventions, conferences, in-house speaker series.

For your next event, please contact us for your free consultation